What do wedding invitations cost?

It is the age old question of, 'how much?'

Every designer defines their value of time and experience differently, just like a hairdresser or an electrician. I hope this article helps you understand what goes into your wedding stationery and also how to get the best value for your money. 

Firstly, designing your wedding invitations and 'on the day stationery' is just as important as choosing your photographer or make up artist. Your wedding stationery defines your 'couple style,' as your guests see your invitations months before they get to see your wedding. It creates excitement and gives your guests a sneak peek of what they can expect. It may even sit on their fridge for everyone to see or kept for safe keeping for years to come....

The biggest thing your designer will put into your invitations is TIME

There's the hours spent creating your beautiful invitations, choosing the right paper and printing process, liaising with you and making sure you are 100% satisfied, organising printers, driving to their local post office and of course, making sure they arrive to you on time.

Additional to time, they may include equipment/program expenses, image purchases as well as all printing, envelopes and postage costs. Sometimes, a huge difference in 2 quotes can come down to the designers professional experience, are you talking to a graduate designer or a professional designer with over 10 years industry experience?

Premium printing upgrades like gold foiling, letterpress, linen paper etc are all additional costs that the printer will charge the designer. PRO TIP: Always request a standard printing quote and a premium quote from your designer so you can compare the printing costs easily.

Another biggie, Online vs Independent 

For the lovely people out there that don't know the difference... I completely understand, online invitations are CHEAP! But as always.... you do receive what you pay for. I don't know how many times I have had to help disappointed brides-to-be redesign and reprint their invitations after they received poor quality from online stores. 

Online stores that sell templated invitations are perfect as long as you get something you LOVE! Most online stores are just reselling the same design to multiple wedding goers and this is how they can keep their costs low. A designer creates 1 design and they sell the same design to 100 people a month. Unfortunately a big downside to the templates is that you cannot customise your fonts or colours to suit your style, or even worse you cannot add any additional text, incase you need to add a note about your wishing well or accomodation options. 

If all is going well so far, just be cautious when it comes to printing.

PRO TIP: Always choose over 300gsm paper stock, anything under this will look cheap and flimsy. Also, never chose gloss finish, this also makes the design look cheaper.

As I professional designer, I just want newly engaged couples to enjoy their wedding planning experience and not regret wasting money on invitations they didn't LOVE! 

You can openly view our invitation and signage costs on our online store here

If you would like help planning a list of all your stationery needs including invitations and 'on the day' signage, we have created an easy, downloadable planner with everything you need to get started including a budget and timeline. View online here.

Wishing you the best of luck with your wedding planning 






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