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How to choose the right type of paper for your wedding invitations

I personally love using different types of paper when designing wedding invitations but can understand it is sometimes overwhelming with so many options, so I am here to help! 

When is comes to hiring La'more Creative to design and print your invitations we are happy to discuss your paper options to best suit your style and price needs.

Paper Type 101

Standard Card - When printers or graphic designers refer to 'standard' options they are usually referring to plain white paper but thicker. I recommend using 300-350gsm card when printing your invitations, this is the standard business card thickness you are use to seeing. This is always the most cost effective card to use when printing. 

Standard invitation printing

Uncoated, matte or gloss? - Standard card comes in 3 common finishes. 

Gloss - as we all know it, has a glossy sheen finish, this can make the printed colour really pop and seem more vibrant. Not commonly used for invitations, rather more marketing material such as business cards, brochures etc

Matte - This is smooth to touch, a very velvety finish. We love to use this when printing full black or coloured backgrounds as it adds a luxurious feel. 

Uncoated - One of my favourites for simple designs, if you can not afford linen or textured card, this finish is very similar, but without the price tag. With a smooth to touch feel, but with a more rustic, relaxed approach. 

burgundy wedding invitation and envelope

Textured or linen - There are many choices to choose from as 'textured' is a pretty broad term but choosing a paper with small dints/grain lines looks absolutely beautiful. I commonly use this paper when the design has simple printing or even gold foiling, or even letter press can be so nice! This is commonly used when your wedding style is more rustic, or boho, or outdoories

 Linen wedding invitation with gold foilLinen envelope with printing

Vellum or translucent - Huge trend right now I am obsessed with it! Just imagine a more thick version of baking paper, this is how I like to explain it to my brides/grooms to be. It has a smooth finish, but you are able to see through the paper. Commonly we print in either black or white ink on vellum paper but we can also print colour. You just have to be mindful of the colour you choose so your important information can be read by your guests. 

You can even opt for a double card option, vellum on top with a white or coloured card underneath. Foiling can be great too!

Vellum save the date invitation white inkVellum invitation with black ink printing

Acrylic - Also a big trend right now, very common for table numbers and place cards. Acrylic is gloss finish plastic that can come in clear or colour. It is very durable and water proof. It does though come with a high cost.  

Coloured - Uncoated/textured cards are available in an array of colours. Rather than printing colour onto a white card, you can choose a colour card to match your wedding moodboard, then we print your information on top. This looks best with simple, text only designs. We can then match your colour envelope to your colour invitation. You can of course use these colour cards for your menus, place cards, rsvp etc. 

Rustic brown invitation

Handmade - Beyond beautiful, natural, organic texture, not 1 piece of paper looks the same. This is what I chose to print my personal wedding invitations on and I could not have been happier. This paper has an organic feel with raw, ripped edges. You can print on this paper, or choose letter press or gold foil for something extra special. This beautiful option also comes in envelopes so you can mix and match. 

Handmade paper letter press


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